Social Media

"To achieve an audience of 50 million it took radio 38 years, television 13 years, the Internet 4 years and the ipod 3 years. It took Facebook 12 months to achieve 200 million+"
Erik Qualman, Socialnomics 

Social media marketing management (SMMM)

Most marketers will tell you to target your marketing efforts where your customers are. That's why toy manufacturers advertise on Cartoon Network. Social media is the biggest networking phenomena of modern time. Your customers are here.

Many businesses have woken up to this and have an active social media marketing management (SMMM) strategy. If you haven’t yet, I guarantee your competitors have AND have access to customers that could be yours.

If you do have a SMMM strategy, you'll recognise that your brand identity is paramount because effectively that is your goal. It needs to be consistent while providing a human face to your business and it needs to point visitors to your fabulous website.

Are you keeping an eye on what goes out under the company banner?
Can you afford not to be involved?
Do you have a strategy and policy for Social Media?

At Torus Digital Marketing we have clear strategies for your social media efforts. Have you considered yours?

Writing Ad

Social media "Call to Action"

A social media "call to action" leads visitors to the next stage of your sales or promotions. This is a teaser or pointed request to followers and visitors to push your marketing efforts.

Posts are better received with them regardless of the platform (Facebook, Twitter, Blog etc.) Inviting sharing to your post will encourage followers to do so, expanding your reach.


On Facebook, posts that include the call to action “share” receive more shares, comments and likes than those that don't. Add links, videos and images.


On Twitter, target people who aren’t following you, use a call to action to engage them. Retweet, quote and reply to their messages. Engaging will give you access to their followers.


Calls to action (CTAs) should include one of the following per post :- click here, share, like, sign up today, get your ticket, join us at, RSVP here, buy now, enrol here, check this out, click, and comment. CTAs should be integral to your marketing.

Effective CTAs can result in completed lead generation forms, phone calls and email signups. So evaluate and plan for what doesn't work and what does.

Digital Content Strategy for Social Media

When you have quality digital content it will illuminate every page of your website – only then should social media marketing invite everyone along to your show

Your digital content should be given "first class" treatment. If you are focussing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, blogs, etc., it should be fresh, frequent and quality and your website digital content even more so. That's where your social media marketing management efforts are directing your customers to go to. Poor digital content will damage your business.

The best content is punchy, quizzical and engages sharing, commenting, liking, etc. And of course, free from grammatical errors. Then you’ll see great results!

Also be generous with your social media digital content. Give tips and ideas. If you share useful knowledge with your visitors they may later become customers because your assistance stays in their minds.

Bearing this in mind my Social Media Marketing Management tips are this:
  • Find interesting ways to write about your business 
  • Write about how your business benefits your customer
  • Have "Call to Action" within your strategy
  • Keep your digital content up-to-date
  • Keep your accounts consistent with your branding
  • Use Social Media Marketing Management tools like Buffer, HootSuite amongst others to speed you up, show you the numbers and keep you organised 
And finally - If you aren't managing social media personally do make sure it's in safe hands. Many horror stories can be found if you Google "Social Media Blunders" or similar