Search Engine Optimisation

"If your content isn’t good enough to attract good, natural links, it doesn’t matter how 'optimized' that content is."
BRIAN CLARK Founder of Copyblogger & Scribe

Every page on your website should be selling. If it isn’t what is the purpose of it being there?

Unique and unsolicited visitors searching for particular products or services only find your website if it’s visible in the search engine. How do you ensure your business is visible for your services?

Through excellent content, up-to-date and regular activity, links to relevant ranking websites and by analysing and correcting your search engine optimisation (SEO).
Writing Ad

Showing you off

SEO copywriters have “fantabulous” word skills and research capabilities that allow them to place the right keywords in the right place, the right amount of times, and in the right densities.

Engaging content

But that isn't enough! Not for page ranking and topping Google’s search engines.

Excellent and engaging content, although critical for your customers to read in order to buy your products and services isn't enough to promote your website on Google's search engine.


Google's engineers work tirelessly to update their algorithmic formula. Their search engine is driven by the search patterns people are using to find content.

Much of your ranking position is determined by links gained naturally from other sites. Social Media Marketing developed in order to gain links by writing compelling content on all platforms.


SEO copywriters spend as much time reading and researching the needs of a target audience as they do writing for them.

Links are VERY important to SEO ranking therefore SEO copywriters must employ all manner of digital content marketing to engage the emotional responses that prompt people to link via blogs, RSS feeds, votes, bookmarks and sharing from social media platforms.

Who, What, Where and When

Reaching your goal is not just about meeting the target but learning how to be a target.
Louise Philippe Dulay

Tracking your online visitors is fundamental to your marketing efforts.

Social media and SEO should be integrated. Tracking traffic is still evolving to gather ‘click’ data from numerous platforms. It’s simply not good enough to know how many visitors were on your website.

You might be delighted your website received a thousand visitors yesterday but what if the majority of your visitors reside in a country you don’t trade in? What if they remain on your website for less than a second? What if many of your visitors are not even human? Would you even know?


What demographic are your online visitors?
Who are the potential and actual customers?
Which pages are your most popular vs Which pages rank best in the search engines?
How do you resolve dead pages issues?
Why do some pages appear to be more popular than others?
What is your common landing page and is it the one you planned it to be?
How long does the average person stay on your website?
Where are your visitors coming from? The search engine? Social media platforms?
What were the keywords used that brought potential customers to your website?
Who are your social media visitors?

Tracking your traffic will encourage your marketing efforts into growth. Tracking tells us what’s working and what isn’t. With the growth of social networking, knowing where to focus your marketing resources is more important than ever!