Project Management

Honor bespeaks worth. Confidence begets trust. Service brings satisfaction. Cooperation proves the quality of leadership.
James Cash Penney

At Torus Digital Marketing, we strongly believe in co-operation and working together. We spend a lot of time networking around our region, at network events, via social media and throughout the business world. We encourage an open door policy and help businesses and clients in whatever way we can.

We collaborate with a vast variety of businesses and have developed strong relationships. This mindset has helped us to grow and learn about the levels of expertise, locally through to the international arena.

It’s all who you know

The relationships we have developed through collaboration and sharing, ensure our clients receive exceptional services and value for money above and beyond their expectations. Torus Digital Marketing project manage large media marketing strategies. We are able to pull together teams of businesses to successfully take on PR and Advertising and Digital Marketing Projects.

We work alongside top quality:
Writing Ad
Social Digital Creative Agencies
Web Designers/Web Developers
Graphic Designers
PR Photographers
Blog Legal Teams
Social Video Producers
Business Solution Agencies

Work With Us

Are you a digital marketer? Do you write content? We embrace competitors because we see a bigger picture. If you fancy a chat or want to work alongside us on larger projects give us a call.