“A blog is a personal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A political soapbox. A breaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Your own private thoughts. Memos to the world.”    BLOGGER

It’s all about You...

The term “Blog” was derived from the creative term “Weblog” as in Web Log. This phase was subsequently manipulated on a website to read “We blog” and from this “Blogger” was born giving rise to a whole new genre – “Blogging”. 

Today there are in excess of 400 million blogs and growing. People blog for different reasons. Blogging for business is for promotion, marketing, selling, brand identity and website activity. If you have a business website without a blog page I suggest you build one as soon as possible. Blogging keeps your website active and provides the basis for visibility.

Writing to connect with your customers

In short if your website is inactive, it will be virtually invisible, even to those actively searching services or products you sell. Blogging is a great way of connecting with your customers and letting them know what you are up to. By writing articles you're providing valuable advice and information whilst revealing your own professional expertise to potential customers. 

You become the authority on everything you do.

...And it's all about this too

You don't just blog about your business, you write about what's going on in your industry too. You show your customers that you're an expert in your field simply because you write about it and have your finger on the pulse. 

Furthermore, collect up topical articles and news items discussing your industry. Content collation has become one of the fastest growing trends that is happening right now in the quest to having fresh links to relevant sources and to remain active. 

So if you have a blog page on your website; 
  • curate valuable sources; 
  • write about your business; 
  • write about your industry and;
  • keep this information organised and current
Doing this will mean your website will be visible to the search engines and a valuable asset to your customers. 

Blogging... It's what we do!

Of course you could always leave it to us if you’re too busy! After all, it’s what we do.

TORUS DIGITAL MARKETING is able to provide services to support all your blogging requirements. We collate and research, curate and organise and write and develop your content. We'll keep your customers up-to-date with your business, your latest news and all they'll need to know about your industry. Couple blogging with social media and you'll really communicate with a growing customer base.