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What is Digital Content?

Every status on Facebook; every photo on Flickr; every word on Wordpress; every tweet on Twitter 

The posts to Huffington; Articles for PaperLi; the videos on YouTube; the movies on Sky

Pictures on Pinterest; Powerpoint and Word; every message to mobiles and itunes you've heard

Every drawing on Photoshop; Accounts on Sage; Dedications on Absolute; every Google page

For every internet word, picture, video you've sent, it's just a glimpse of all that is “digital content”

Whether you’re engaged with a computer screen, a television, a games console, a tablet, an electronic notepad, a mobile phone, a magazine, a business card or even the radio (DAB). 

If it's performed, displayed or utilised by computer technology. 

Every piece of it is “content” and prepared through “digital”.


Push Me

Traditional marketing such as advertising on TV and radio, papers and magazines, and online is termed “push” marketing. These ads range from the subtle to the downright invasive

Pull Me

The term “pull marketing” applies to writing informative or instructional articles (blogs), asking questions, creating competitions, displaying news, being authoritative and helpful

Pushing Pulling

Traditional and digital content marketing can apply to both push and pull strategies. Use both your own unique content AND direct advertising for promoting your business

Digital Content Marketing - Our Part

"Push or Pull - we’ll manoeuvre you into position."

Anyone can create and publish content - but is it searchable and interesting or is it invisible or even annoying?

Direct online selling is often invasive and “spammy”. Traditional advertising distracts consumers away from what they want to do. This can alienate potential customers and be a complete turn off. 

Having seen the success of  independent “bloggers” and “social media gurus” advertisers are now using both techniques. 

How can your marketing be heard over the “noise” of every brand vying for attention online? 

The key is to make sure it’s engaging, often and current. In many respects it's a level playing field. Interesting content can go “viral” in an instant. 

  • A punchy independent blog
  • A cool branded YouTube video
  • A single quirky ‘tweet’
  • A marketing campaign on Facebook
  • Even a landscape photograph on Google+

Large or small, if your business is actively creating unique content, competitors who do not are at a disadvantage.

TORUS DIGITAL MARKETING understands that businesses require a push AND a pull. Whether it's setting up social media platforms and blogs anchored to your website or a 60 month campaign of PR and advertising across all media - we welcome you. 

For ANY business requiring ANY digital content - Push or Pull - we can set up and maintain your online presence on all levels. Check out our services.